story under development

a story about a street kid in Hyderabad who makes in big in Hollywood.

Its 2032, It's a day before the golden globes and he is rehearsing reminiscing about his life so far.


His humble beginnings start as a servant boy at a dance school where he is discovered by a dance teacher who runs an orphanage. Knowing Druv's background, wit no mother, alcoholic father and a sister who is missing, his teacher Satya takes him under her wing and teaches him dance. She sponsors him to go to Delhi and from there he makes his way to the US. 

There he makes a friend named Sam an animator. Sam helps him make it into the US arts industry. They dream of making it into Hollywood together. 

She tells him about her horrific past. They relate to eachother and become close. She too a victim of sex trafficking. 

Sam asks him to find his sister and rescue her some how.  Druv had tried many times but failed.

She enters him into world dance competition. one which will have producers they could've pitched their project to. 

Just before he makes it in, Sam passes away from an incurable illness. Something she knew she had but never told Druv. In fact she wanted to do one good thing in her life before she died and that is why she helped Druv.


The world dance competition is in 6 months. Druv doesn't have the heart to train. 

And the day after Druv receives a message from Sathya saying she had got a clue about his sister. 

Druv heads to India to find his sister. Druv comes across many challenges, discovering the sex trade that has been linked with the entertainment industry in india, which connected back to even his danc.e . As he travels through india he discovers the other side of his dance, which is similar to his story, he meets eunichs, homosexuals, prositutes, all who have been marginalised, he meets real artists who have not seen a glimpse of fame. he finally finds his sister and his niece. He takes them with him. On his journey he also understands the true value of his dance and a new balance in it.  

Druv with his new found knowledge wins world dance competition. He also gets links to do a film. The film goes to Golden Globes. He is to perform for it.