Ghirija Jayarraj - Writer Director Producer


Ghirija Jayarraj is a Film maker Theatre Producer and Indian Classical dancer. 


Having grown up in Australia as a migrant she has had the need to share the stories  from the perspective of the diaspora. However, her love for her roots has lead her in deep search into Indian Classical dance and the study of India itself.

Ghirija grew up in an artistic space with a family that was very active in the Community Arts scene in Perth WA. She has been a Theatre Producer for over 15 years and have been trained in the medium since the age of 12. She is also a trained dancer, in two Indian classical dance styles, Odissi and Bharathanatyam and has been performing professionally for over 23 years.

Her training lead her to become the Founder and Creative Director of an initiative named Shastram, that creates projects surrounding the world of Indian Classical dance. Through this I have had the opportunity to work on several Theatre and Film projects over the past 10 years.
Rajsha Productions is another organization she had established. Through this she had been able to tell stories representing the South Asian Diaspora.

Through her projects she has had the privilege of working with over 300 artists internationally, including countries such as India, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, UK and US. Ghiija has also had the pleasure of facilitating collaborations between artists from various cultural backgrounds.

Innovative ideas come naturally to her and she has been very unique and experimental in nature. This has lead her to several Eureka moments, including

  • Creating a new medium of story telling, at least in the space of Indian Classical dance, where the narrative of screen and stage are mixed to create a whole new experience. I have done

  • this in Documentary and Film formats

Follow the link to see some of her projects for Shastram: Projects

Vesham is a project that has been in development for over 4 years. Its initial ideas stemmed from a Shastram Project that explored the history of Indian Classical dance and India itself

Journeys of Indian Classical dancers

This has now been developed into a series.