S. Senthil Velavan

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S Senthil Velavan 51M/ B.E Mech

Senthil Velavan has been in the space of Production for many years and is a well known personality in the Media space in South India.  He has been involved in various cultural activities with the government and different institutions.

He has been the Head of Marketing and Programs for Jaya TV Network for over 5 years.

Following this he Founded and was the CEO of News7tamil channel. This was a channel that he developed from its roots and ran it successfully for over 3 years. 

Senthil Velavan has also facilitated in the Coordination of several other Television Channels. He was especially involved in setup of the channels, development of programs and the marketing of them.


His experience also extends to Live concerts. He has worked closely with world renowned Music Mogul AR Rahman and has organised 13 Live concerts for him. This involved a series of world class artists and complex orchestra. The concert was staged in various places such as Chennai, Madurai, London, Cochin, Malaysia, Australia and Orissa.


Senthil Velavan is also well versed in Film Production and Distribution. He is the Director of Grape ventures pvt ltd and had Co-produced the first concert film in India 'ONE HEART - THE AR RAHMAN CONCERT FILM' which was welcomed by many world wide.