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the journey home

The night before the Golden Globes 2032, the world renowned dancer Dhruv, rehearses in an empty auditorium and reminisces the moments he spent with his soulmate Sam. Guilt ridden and lost, he tries to justify to himself, the choice he once made to attend an audition instead of being by Sam’s side in the last moments of her life.. He stands accused as a traitor in his own heart... after all it was she who wanted him to succeed the most. ​Was this quest for validation worth the price Dhruv paid?


This experimental Indian Classical dance film offers a dynamic fusion of cinematic live action, theatrical elements, and animation, inviting the audience to embark on a captivating journey through time, space, rhythm, movement, and Indian culture. Through a masterful blend of futuristic Boston, ancient 16th century Orissa, and newly independent 1940s Kerala, the film unravels the lasting impact of colonization and the evolution of South Asian social constructs. The story reveals how the quest for self-worth, rooted in the desire to prove oneself to the Western world, has become ingrained in the mindset of South Asians today

Based on a Theatre productions previously staged in India and Australia, we are now looking to expand the project to an immersive space. This will be an immersive space Indian Classical fusion theatre show with a narrative  combining cinema and live theatre with AI driven sensory lighting. This immersive space project is to be staged by Shastram in affiliation with NVIDIA and BTOS Productions.  

NVIDIA Letter of Support 

BTOS Production Letter of Support


the story synopsis

Dhruv, a world-renowned Indian classical dancer, has achieved everything he has ever dreamed of. He has been nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe award and is set to perform on stage the next day. But as he stands on the empty stage rehearsing, his mind wanders to his best friend, Sam.

Sam was Dhruv's confidante and his enigma. However, Sam is no longer with him and her memories continue to haunt him. What hurts Dhruv the most is that he was not with Sam in her last moments. He had chosen to attend an audition instead, which led him to his current fame and success. But as he rehearses for his performance, he begins to question whether it was all worth it.

Dhruv reminisces about the stories he had shared with Sam, the story of Aabharna, the temple dancer in ancient Orissa, and Meenakshi, from a dancing troupe in Kerala in the 1940s. He had explained to Sam the journey of regaining self-worth after colonisation and how he too was on that path. However, he had been so engrossed in his journey to prove himself to the world that 

he didn't notice what was blossoming between Sam and himself...

he didn't realise even when she was in her last moments... 


It was only when he saw her gentle face after she was no longer.. that occurred to him.. Sam wasn't just his best friend

Sam was his love..


As he ponders his life choices, Dhruv realises that this is just the beginning of his journey. Yaathra - A Journey home.. is a 5-part film and theatre series that follows Dhruv's journey of self-discovery and redemption.

the creatives


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