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The first story of Chapter 2 Becoming Kala is set in the late 80s early 90s (the pre internet/ digital boom era) and explores the diaspora and it’s need for this art to be a carrier of culture.. as a form of identity, especially in those diasporas where they were subject to genocide in their home lands, such as Sri Lankan Tamils. Although Dhruv is not Sri Lankan Tamil, he relates to the character Kala and her struggle with assimilation, displacement and need to hold on to something that would never leave her.

He also goes on to explain how holding on to such an art can be a true struggle in itself, even his own teacher who lived in the digital boom of India, Satya, felt the same pain. where artists who practice this dance form struggle to stay afloat practicing an art form old and bound to roots among all the modernisation and technology. He shares Leap of Faith the final story of Chapter 2

The same struggle that Dhruv faces in the US so many years later, where he feels lost in an ocean of modernisation, technology and street culture

Sam tells him not to worry, that she will help him show case his art in a way that no one had seen before. She wants to help him realises his dreams.

Her motivation helps Dhruv dream of grand things, life as he had never imagined before, and his pillar Sam, was determined to get him there.

Her health however, as much as she was making it out to be nothing, was in fact eating her away. Dhruv noticed something was wrong.. but he was focused more on his dreams.

Something he can’t believe he missed.all the signs…. Was he that obsessed with winning..

But Dhruv had a life that did not resemble fairytales.. and  It was. Hard.. it was torn.. it was painful and all he ever learnt was that it was always a game of survival.. winning is all that got him anywhere.. He wasn’t going to stop now.

Dhruv ends his rehearsal session  Knowing that tomorrow he would have achieved the dream he set out with sam but also knowing that she will not be there to share it with him… 

And maybe that was his fault.. but you need to know where he really came from

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