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Painted Hearts

Painted Hearts is a dance film that was conceived almost spontaneously. More often than not, I see something beautiful and carry it with me in my mind, mostly subconsciously. It inspires me, makes life more beautiful. At some point though, that inspiration materialises into something else.

This is the concept behind painted hearts. Although in celebration of romance, it is a piece that shows how artists connect. 

It was very spontaneous when we made this. Shwetha Krishna was in town a couple of others who were film makers were also there, I was in touch with Raging Bulls and asked to see if Vicky Ran who was one of the actors I'd wanted to work with was available. Everything just fell into place. I had been looking at a painting my cousin Subi Slater had made, it was one of Shwetha's actually from a previous shoot, and I had Bal Singh aka Shunya's song running in my mind.. a little story formed in my mind and some characters I had always wanted to try out fell into place. wallah! it just happened.

For 5 years however, I thought there was another part to this story.. but the other day when I looked at the footage I realised the shoot was already complete..

hence painted hearts. 

Behind the Scenes

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