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Battle of the beats

Before Bharathanatyam came into my life,  Hip Hop was the music I related to as I grew up in 90s Australia. It got me through my childhood. Feeling like a minority, the music and it's culture felt like it gave me a voice and a sense of belonging. The vibe of hip hop and the beats is something I definitely connected to. 

Later on in life when I began to dance classical Indian dancing, namely Bharathanatyam, I couldn't help but feel the connection between the beats the rapping and the Jethi. I had always seen and felt this similarity.  Even though they are from very different backgrounds, they met somewhere in the middle.

Through Shastram I have been exploring this idea further. First with Time Lapse, then through Journeys of Indian Classical Dancers

Now through Battle of the Beats. Let's challenge the similarities and the differences in both styles. With this idea in mind we have brought together some amazing artists Madurai R Muralidaran, Kavya Muralidara, David Rahman and Nomadic come together to battle it out! 

battle of the beats booklet

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