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A Shastram Initiative

The Australian Social Experiment

An analysis of being a migrant practioner of Indian Classical dance in Australia


The Story

This started off as a simple dance reel shot in Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia) It then expanded to a dance reel in Naarm (Melbourne). A triggering event of an othering of a dancer while filming a dance reel, started a conversation and that conversation has now expanded into a social experiment and an analysis of how it feels to practice Indian Classical dance and traditional south asian movement arts in Australia today. It is also an exploration of how Australia as a society has evolved from the late 80s and how it treats its migrant communities as well as the connection that migrant communities have to Australia's First people. The journey has now expanded to Dharawal Country ( Cronulla, Sydney) and Meanjin (Brisbane)

Dance Reels

You can view all of our dance reels and the conversation on Youtube.

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Moments from our Dance Reels

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