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dancing Displacement

a photo and video exhibition portraying and exploring the idea of how Indian classical dance has been utilsed to assimilate and preserve identity and culture in australia.

Photo exhibition and video exhibition from indian classical dance artists around australia in harmony with contemporary australian backgrounds.


video installations

shastram tv clips

photo books

"Reconciliation" can be a word for harmonizing displacement, as it suggests bringing together or making compatible different groups or individuals who have been separated or in conflict. It implies a process of healing and restoring relationships that have been disrupted by displacement.



 One possible word for embracing displacement is "adaptation." Adaptation refers to the ability to adjust to new circumstances, including changes in living situations, environments, or social contexts. It implies a positive attitude towards change and a willingness to make the most of new opportunities. In the context of displacement, adaptation can involve finding new ways to cope with challenges, building new relationships, and creating a sense of belonging in a new place.

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