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Painted Hearts

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Valentine's day to me is all about celebrating romance.. (because love should be celebrated every day).

So what is romance... I don't see it just as romance in the non platonic sense.. it can happen anywhere... the way the clouds swirl around the sky, the way the sunlight shimmers through the trees , the way the flowers smell..the way the sun kisses the water and the way the breeze caresses long locks.. fairy lights in window sills... the sway of autumn leaves as the float to the ground.. water droplets on leaves.. flutter of butterfly's wings.. romance in art! and that is my favourite kind of romance! Romance as we portray through sringaram.. in our dance...

Beauty creates it and results from it..

that's what i see romance as..

All the work I've done so far will have a flare of it. It is most definitely my expression.

So this valentines' day I created a piece called Painted hearts. It's named after a song by Shunya called "Painted hearts" and also inspired by a painting created by Subi Slater.

This was a piece that was actually shot in 2015.. and yes a lot of romance filled the air at that time. The concept conveyed is... art inspires the heart.. which in turn inspires art and so on and on.. thats what i felt like expressing this valentines day.

To me the romance in this piece is found in the dance, the camera movements, the song.. the painting and of course the situation between the two characters.

we have tried to portray Sringaram all around.. a glimpse into our world at the time..

I hope you enjoy the video!! Painted Hearts

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