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Shankeri and her Dancing Adventures

Shankeri and her dance class went on a dance excursion for a whole month! She couldn’t contain her excitement. They were going to stay in an old mansion in Tanjore and it was going to be the most fun. Finding out all about the stories behind her dances, her margam. They were going to go to temples and everything.

Getting there she loved the mansion, it had lots of places to explore. It used to belong to a noble man there, now it was renovated as a hotel.

Shankeri and her dance class were in America and it was a great opportunity to come to India and see all this.

Shankeri walks into the temple for her dance assignment, She was there with her teacher Rama miss. Shankeri loved wondering around on her own. She

It was really exciting to be there with Rama miss because she was from a family who used to dance in the temples

She sees all these sculptures. One in particular catches her eye. Shankeriy  wondered if she would be related to Rama miss.

She knew there must be so many stories behind all these sculptures.

Shankeri kept staring at the sculpture of the lady on the wall. She swore she could see her move a little and smile. Maybe it was just her imagination. Shankeri had a lot of that.

That day, they all learned the Ganesha Stuti. Shankeri loved her new dance and wondered what the whole story was behind the dance. After her dance group went to sleep that night Shankeri slowly went to sleep as well.

All of a sudden though, she was in the temple again..

The Temple felt different. Almost alive. Shankeri walked in, she recognised the spot. It was where the sculpture was.  She could her a beautiful song . Shankeri followed it. She turned around a light was moving. Shankeri walked around the pillar to see where the sculpture was. This time she saw for real, the sculpture was actually moving with a diya in her hand.. wait.. it was actually dancing.. so gracefully… and singing! Shankeri couldn’t help but walk towards it mesmerised.

She walked towards her. She stopped dancing..



Please don’t stop

Its beautiful..



Well… thank you…

But you are trespassing

Who are you?



Oh im sorry, I’m Shankeri

I just woke up here… and I heard your song..



Oh you must be staying at the mansion…



Oh yes .. how did you know.. ?

Will I ever get back?



Long Story… I’m Shaki

And yes you will wake up in the mansion don’t worry

But every night.. you are going to come here..

And I’m going to tell you stories

She smiled and tinkled with laughter.

Shankeri couldn’t be help but be mesmerised by Shaki’s beautiful face.

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