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Just Jump!

How many times, how many of us procrastinate before actually practicing. I'm no different at all. Once upon a time, I did my margam every day as if that was the answer to all my problems. And I must say, I wasn't too far from the truth.

But today, oh gosh, to psych myself up to practice is a chore.

I tell some of my friends who ask me, how do you build a routine, well there is no easy answer is there? You just have to jump into the cold water.

Yes its painful, and more painful in the mind than anything else, especially when you have had a long break from dancing. Even 2 weeks is enough to set you back. But what do you do? You just got to jump in the water.

Once you do of course, you start swimming or in this case dancing! and it all flows naturally.

Few tricks that I tell myself before I start to dance.

This is my mind voice speaking

"you don't have to dance long, just 10 mins"

"you don't even have to do it well, just do it lightly"

These are the tricks I use to get my body into motion.

Then of course my teachers voices start to over take my mind "sit lower", mudras firm, bend, jump, stretch your legs, lift your feet, tap hard, hold your body firm and so on and so on... then the music gets you and the stories always have a way with me..

The rest is history and you look at how wet your kurtha is at the end.

The hardest part however is jumping into the cold water. :)

But really there is no way around it, Just Jump!

Artist in Photo: Avijit Das

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