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Breaking the Rules

Im in that phase of my journey where I want to experiment. I mean I'm generally experimental but I've always tip toed within the parameters of Indian Classical dance that my teachers had drawn for me.

But as I evolve my art evolves, my dance evolves, and right now I'm on a search to find a new way of expression.. or perhaps allow for what is honestly coming from within me.

I understand it may not resonate with everyone or even many. But this is very important I feel as an artist to break way and go deeper and most of all be authentic.

I do not disrespect anything taught to me.. not at all.. I am merely looking at every aspect of what I have been taught through different lenses.

I look forward to understanding my expression more.

In my recent venture while doing the improvised reel for VJDAMUSICMAN's Uglies with Shriraam Theiventhiran I learnt about Manodharama

I kid you not! it has been stuck in my head that I must remember the mudras as my teachers taught me. When naturally I have my own flow. I mean I might do the first line second or use a different mudra each time.. its just how my random mind remembers things. Spontaneity is part of my energy and funny enough I have felt guilty for its existence especially in the space of classical dance. Almost like I can't trust myself to let go and dance.

I tried out my padam with this concept in mind and I must say it flowed a 1000 times better for me!

Anywho... here is the conversation I had with Shriraam! Do watch! :)

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