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Taming the Monkey

Last two years my journey was to understand the concept of Sringaram. It was a very transformative process which involved looking at my self (literally) and accepting what I saw in front of me. Thanks people for accepting my selfies! It was also a lot of inner work.. letting go of a lot of the past and accepting it too. I personally feel how I dance or at least how I express myself has changed a lot since.

Now on to the next part.. the monkey.. yes.. the mind.. I for one have a very illusive one with a 1000 thoughts rushing all at the same time.. so much that I overwhelm myself. It also doesn't help that I have an addictive personality which means when I go into something its hard to come out of it.

Luckily my addiction is art so its actually worked well for me...

But.. to dance.. consciously involves being in the moment and being present. One thing that had stopped me from performance was self doubt.. through my journey of finding my sringaram I was able to make ground on that. I can't say I'm totally over it.. but certainly made progress. The other thing is I get distracted very easily and boy if you are on stage you better not get distracted.

Its interesting, when I was young, I used to escape into a different world and that kept my mind busy. But to be present and dance so that you can share your energy.. now that is a whole new ball game.. and in this new year I have commenced that journey!

To simply do what I feel is the right action without the mind wandering into 10 different directions...

Wishing myself luck! I'll keep you posted on my findings!

Wishing all of you luck on your new year resolutions and of course all your dancing goals!

Happy 2023!!

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