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Thoughts of Story Teller

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Before this pandemic hit... I bet a lot of us had a thousand plans to do a lot of things.. we were going somewhere, doing something with our lives, there was somewhere we had to reach... over there.. far away in the future.. " a goal"

Why do we have goals? We see a story that we are trying to create.. something with a beginning middle and an end... and before we leave this planet.. we just want to "make something of ourselves" tick all the boxes that society has set for us.. so that you know.. people look at our photo or dead body or whatever and say.. yes.. this person lived well.. and achieved x y z..

Most of us don't want to feel like we didn't live a good life in the eyes of "others"

We make every decision in life based on this..

"What will other's think?"

"How will I appear to them?"

"What will they say?"

"What happens to my image?"

And most of us were on our way trying to create answers for these questions.. before we were locked down or hindered in some way because of the notorious COVID-19 the villain of the world.. Other than the fact that it is causing death and suffering.. the other thing its doing is stopping us from reaching to where we wanted to get to...

We have all had to stop and reflect at some point.. and change plans.. and even get frustrated because some of those plans have gone haywire.

But here is a thought that occurred to me..

What if.. life is just life and it has no agenda and no end goal and no title credits at the end.. there is no story line.. there is no what is "meant to be"... cuz perhaps nothing is meant to be... everything just is.. just like the growth of a plant.. perhaps us humans just overvalue ourselves and everything around us and try to create a story out of our lives when we have no greater story than a plant or an animal.. what makes us think we even deserve a story more than any other living this on this planet... perhaps all we have done is try to make sense of everything instead of simply experience life... as it is... no story.. no meaning.. no history.. not even a future.. just the present moment.. Everything other than the now is created by the ego after all...

What would this lead to for me..

Simply enjoying life as it is now.. even if I'm locked in a room.. it'll be reading that book or painting or dancing.. or playing my favourite game on the phone with no agenda..

living life with no agenda..

simply being..

Doing something simply cuz you love doing it.. not because its going to lead somewhere.. honouring your feelings..

knowing that tomorrow will be tomorrow.. but that I live today

(of course I do not encourage hurting other people as a result just because one feels like it.. or ignoring your duties, cuz that might hurt people)

But... for the privileged ones who are struggling cuz they feel all their plans got messed up

Just be.. (#notetoself)

wouldn't that resolve half the first world problems of the moment

(now that I've shared my thoughts, because I really felt like it! I'm going to go back to my phone game! and read about how the world is falling into pieces )

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