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Film Dance

The unsung hero that spread the classical Indian Arts through out the world

When India was trying to establish its National Identity the medium it utilised to help this cause was Cinema. 

When India gained independence and social structures within India changed. Dancers and dance families from the courts and temples moved into cinema. 

It was initially the space where the Classical arts had thrived. From screen Classical dance has moved to the stage, cultural hubs, social media and is considered one of the key symbols of Indian art and culture . However, Indian cinema has been disassociated from this and is considered the less cultured medium in the arts in India. 

This is a documentary about the unsung hero (Indian Cinema) and the people who truly contributed to the spreading of art and culture world wide. We travel through time exploring the films that changed the face of India, speaking many cinema actors around India who owe a lot of their skill to their classical dance background.

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