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How many times have we looked in the mirror and been satisfied?

Something not in shape..something the wrong colour, texture not right, not matching what we saw on tv or envisioned ourselves to be.. so many flaws.. never enough.. as if our bodies are objects.. up for judgement every time we look at it... but then but how much it does for us.. giving us an opportunity to live on earth.. to breathe, to walk, to dance to speak, to express, to be.. why are we so harsh to judge it comparing it to others.. usually artificially air brushed ppl who have put themselves through painful surgery...

I’ve learnt how much lighting angles and make up and computer graphics work can do for an image..

to compare ourselves to that is a joke.

And until I had a couple of injuries I didn’t realise how much each part does for me..

We are human and most of us with fully functioning bodies.. no.. no one is perfect. No one meets the “ideal” there will always be flaws.. always.. and that is the unique part.. here’s to embracing what we are blessed with

Photo taken in 1997 one of the times in my life I felt my ugliest just before my arangetram

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