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The Kathak Dancer

My stint with Kathak was very short lived. I believe I was 15 when I first started to learn, for about 6 months, my guru's name was Deepanjali Bedi.. However, I discontinued it after a certain holiday I went on.

Then it wasn't till years later in London I tried again at Bharathi Vidya Bhavan.. but something didn't let it set into my body, I stopped again after another 6 months.

You of course can't practice everything you admire.. ( A lesson I learnt much later)

But I decided to remain an admirer..

When I first saw Pandit Durga Lal it was by accident, I was browsing the internet. It was this very exact song...The song.. the Charisma the Charm.. I fell in love..

Not many people have this.. that something that holds your eyes.. your attention.. and makes you feel alive. But he did. And I can't tell you how many times I've seen the below clip

Sharing this with you today.

Enjoy :)

I am only sad that I never even had the opportunity to meet him. As you can see.. in the very first video itself I understood he was no longer.

There's another lesson. Artists have the ability to leave their joy behind on this earth even if they aren't here.

He keeps inspiring...

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