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Diaspora Blues

Cover yourself

Restrict yourself

Be this

Be that

Dance this way

Don’t dance that way

That’s not acceptable

That’s not how we do it

No this is not how “WE” do it

Who are “WE”?

Who are they that include me as “WE”?

Do I belong here or there?

Australian? Or somewhere from South Asia?

What does my culture even entail?

I look to the East I look to the past it’s even more bold and erotic than the West

So what is it that “WE” are following?

What are “WE” restricting ourselves by?

My dance tells me to be bolder than the ME created by the fossilised South Asian Australian “WE”

The dance I was taught to hold my culture undoes everything taught to restrict ME

So what am I truly conforming to?

Who am I doing it for?

Who am I dancing according to?

And most of all Why do I need to speak “elegantly” before each performance? (pet peeve )

Why carry on this Victorian imposed culture? It’s centuries old and has nothing to do with MY ancestors!

Hey “WE” now that I’ve done my research is it finally ok to be just be ME?

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