Woman's Day

What does it mean to be a woman? It means you will be glorified in art and literature but not so much in reality

It means you are expected to look a certain way It means you have to be “feminine “ which equates to dainty /soft

It means you shouldn’t be messy It means you have to control your temper

It means you have to give.. non stop It means you have to succumb and to compromise

It means you need to know how to cook even though most chefs Are men

It means you will more often than not, be seen as property

It means others decide your life for you

It means you have to have a man next to you to be accepted and protected

It also means you should be sensual but not own your sexuality

If you do you may be labelled a whore

It means you may not be allowed to dance

It means you maybe made to

It means you have to cover yourself or risk getting raped

It sometimes means being raped is your fault and you should be punished.. perhaps killed

It sometimes means being married befo