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FAQs on Mohiniyattam hastas

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Q1 What are hastas?

A1 Hastas convey meaning of a song, helps in expressing an emotion better through gestures .Each of these fingers has a name.

Q2 Where do you find them?

A2. In scriptures, texts written in ancient times. A few are Natyashastra, Abhinayadarpana and Hastalakshanadeepika

Q3 Suggest a book or two to read on mohiniyattam hastas?

A3 (1)Hand gestures of Mohiniyattam by Guru Nirmala Panikar .

(2)Mudrakyam by Guru Sreedevi Rajan.

Q4 Which book are hastas for Mohiniyattam taken from?

There are 24 hand gestures and they are taken from Hastalakshanadeepika

Q5 What are some of the interesting hastas used in Mohiniyattam?

A5 The hastas I find interesting are Patakam, Katakam, Mukura, Anjali, Mushti.

Q6 Where else can hastas be used in an interesting manner?

A5 Hastas can be used in an interesting manner in telling stories and poems.

Q7 What are the limitations of hastas?

A7 The main limitation of Hastas is that it is difficult to understand for common people. One cannot understand long explanation or conversation through hastas.

Q8 Why are hastas important in Indian classical dance?

A8 Hastas has the place of the alphabet in a sign language. Hastas convey the meaning of a song helps in expressing an emotion better through gestures according to the situation and hence making it a visual treat for the audience.

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