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Hold Centre

I am one of those people who walks into an art gallery sees a painting.. doesn't read the caption or the title.. but interprets the meaning of the piece of art the way I see it..

I actually do this a lot in life.. and as someone who practices hinduism I do this as well. I actually love the concept of "finding your own truth" in hinduism.. where life is left to your interpretation...

I take each story about the deities and decipher the meaning myself based on life experiences.

I have done the same with the Natraja statue...

I understand it is about the fine balance of the cosmos... where creation and destruction go hand in hand... I learnt this idea in Odissi class at Temple of Fine Arts about 20 years ago.. but today I interpret it at a much deeper level..

As a dancer I understand that everything is about that central hold, that balance you retain.. just as Shiva does in his pose..

and life is exactly the same.. its about balance.

In my journey through Sringaram.. I feel like this is also a core concept.. here is what I have understood... interpreted..

Sringaram to me is beauty... and how you attain that is by filling your cup with self love and appreciation of all that you are and life itself.. This appreciation and love allows one to overflow with love and the beauty born of this is what sringaram is to me...

What does this have to do with balance.. well the act of attaining srigaram results in one attaining balance in emotion and even balance in decisions made in life.. in interactions with others.. in order to love yourself and life you truly need this balance..

When you don't have this balance.. when you don't hold centre you topple over.. both in dance and life..

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