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in anger...

today i danced in anger...

im not sure where my "sringaram" ran to

but i stomped my feet as hard as I could.. till i felt the pain.. indulged in it.. sweated out my frustration, spun as fast as I could, threw my arms more in punches in the name of adavus... all while questioning the god i was dancing to..

why all this.. ?why are you playing snakes and ladders with me..? why now? Haven't I tried hard enough? Haven't I given enough.. you want more.. ? you trip me up even more..?

again and again...

i cried

i tried

i sat through my pain.. in araimandi.. in anger..

i shuddered at my image

loathed myself

angry at myself.. angry at my circumstances

today i danced in anger

wanting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

only to see the sweat dripping from my kurtha

and feeling my raw heart aching

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